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Easy Steps of The Online Rent Agreement

1. Fill in the Required Information Online

To acquire the leave and license agreement, the owner or tenant must fill out the essential information. When filling out the information on the leave and license form, make sure you have all of the details right.

2. Schedule Biometric Appointment

Once you've approved the draft of the leave and license agreement. We can set up a time for you to get your biometrics verified. Our trained executive will come to your site on your preferred day and time to collect biometrics in accordance with government procedures.

3. Easy E-delivery of the Agreement

We'll email you a registered document once it's been received by the government within a certain amount of time.

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One stop solution for all your notarized rent agreement requirements in Pune. We make efiling of rent agreement easy and quick with our digitized and completely government recognized procedure.

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Document Needed For Registration Of Rent Agreement

  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card
Two Witnesses
  • Aadhaar Card

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8 Benefits Of Choosing Us As Your Rent Agreement Agent In Pune.

24/7 Easy Dealing

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Easy Scheduling

Time is money and we respect your time. Our executive will reach your chosen destination at your chosen time for a biometric.

Easy Payment Options

Do you prefer digital payment or paying in cash? Your convenience is top priority for us, mode of payment is your choice.

Easy Delivery

Done with the first two steps? Sit back and relax. The registered leave and license will be mailed to you within 3-5 working days.

Easy Legal Proceedings

With constant upgradation by experienced advocates, you can rest assured that the agreement prepared by us will hold true in any court of law.

Easy Paper Free Process

Registration, biometrics, documentation, delivery - all paper free! Using technology for a more seamless experience is one of our strengths.

Easy Registration

From the comfort of your home or office, just log in and fill in all the requisites for drafting your rent agreement online.

Easy To Trust

We believe in complete transparency and assures you of zero hidden costs. The fees are established by the government and are kept minimal by cutting overheads.

Address Proof

It can be used as an address proof for administrative purposes like admissions, procuring loans, etc

Legal Proof

In case of any dispute due to non compliance of the clauses of the agreement, a registered rent agreement can be used as legal proof in the court of law.

Terms & Conditions

It is a document that states all the terms & conditions laid down by the owner. So it can be considered as a manual that can be referred to in case of confusion by both parties.

Vehicle & Passport

Is a must in case you are purchasing a new vehicle or getting a passport. The RTO rules ask for a registered rent agreement when you want your vehicle registered.


Advantages Of Registering A Rent Agreement

A Rent Agreement or a Leave and License is a mandatory document endorsed by the tenant and the landlord giving important details about:

  • Name, Identification and Address proof of the land lord and the tenant
  • Duration of the agreement
  • Deposit and rent amount
  • Clauses of agreement
  • Default penalties


Imortant Clauses To Be Included In The Rent Agreement

The rent agreement is an important document mainly because it contains clauses that are agreed upon and signed by both, the landlord and the tenant. Also this document serves as a proof in the court of law. That said, it becomes imperative that the clauses are well thought.

We provide a common draft in the rent agreement format. If you need changes, our counselors will be able to assist you in the same. Some important clauses are as follows:

This clause includes the amount of rent, date of rent payment, percentage of rent increment over a fixed period of time or on renewal of contract, and whether the rent is prepaid or postpaid. This clarification can come handy in case the tenant refuses to give the increased rent amount or delays rent payment.

A property when rented out for a long time means loss for the broker. So to make it work for them, they might charge brokerage every time the contract is renewed and the owner could agree to this to keep good relations with the broker. But it is not the undertaking of the tenant to pay repeated brokerage in the good interest of the owner. This point needs to be discussed and mentioned in the registered leave and license agreement that brokerage will be paid once only.

Many property owners are very finicky about non vegetarian food being cooked in their premises. The also might have an aversion to the tenant keeping pets. Clear your doubts about these points before leasing out the property.

Any damage caused by the actions of the tenant to the property needs to be his responsibility. But natural wear and tear over the years is ideally not his responsibility. Also the fittings and fixtures provided by the owner need to be recorded and checked for proper functioning before handing over of property. These are ethical clauses, but need to be discussed by both parties and included in the registered lease agreement.

The amount of security deposit depends on the city where you have rented the property. It usually is in multiples of one month's rent amount. In this clause it is important to mention whether the security deposit is refundable or not. It is also a safe practice for the tenant to take a receipt mentioning the security deposit amount with cheque details from the owner.

Sometimes the owner insists on a lock in period that is the minimum period for which the property can be rented. Also if the tenant or owner wishes to terminate the contract, a notice period usually one month) has to be provided by law. Both these details need to be mentioned in the agreement.

This section in the registered rent agreement includes penalties that the owner or tenant will have to bear in case they fail to abide by the agreement. Scenarios like delay in payment of rent, delay in payment of security deposit, breaking of rules of the housing society, etc. need to be mentioned in this clause.

Charges that are levied by the housing society like sinking fund, beautification of the society, painting of the property, etc. are to be borne by the owner only. The tenant should be aware that these expenses are adding value to the property on a long term basis. So he is not liable to bear them. Mention of this clause helps in mitigating disputes in the initial levels itself without taking lawful action. Another cause of confusion could be who pays the maintenance charges. If these charges are included in the rent, it is advisable for the owner to collect it separately for tax benefits purposes.


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